Sharp Child Care

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a holistically driven and nature infused early childhood program where learning is hands-on, guided through child-led experiences both through academic and play-based methods. It will meet the individual needs of each child in a nurturing, safe and clean atmosphere. We strive to make a positive, lasting connection with each child, family and our community.


Our educational system offers developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the processes of thinking, creating and experimenting to promote a positive learning experience at a critical stage of a child's life. We encourage not just learning, but the love for learning through our play-based learning centers. Our child care programs reflect the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-help and aesthetic areas for the development of each child. We are sensitive to our children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We believe that providing a comfortable, safe, clean, healthy and relaxed environment oriented to child development is a top factor in ensuring each child develops as they should and receives a head start in their education.


1) To provide a healthy, positive, clean and relaxed environment in which well knowledgeable staff provide personal attention, guidance and nurture to each child to help them achieve their full potential as both children and a member of society as they grow. 

2) To reinforce and intertwine the beliefs of our mission within the staff as our primary vision during daily operations.

3) To provide an educational program where parents are kept well informed about daily events at all times and encouraged to be both observers and participants in their child's development.

4) To provide a flexible curriculum that is planned to enhance and challenge distinct individual needs, interests and abilities.

5) To enhance parents understanding and appreciation for their children.

6) To reinforce children's understanding and respect for their parents and elders, in a way that gives each child a feeling of self-worth and responsibility.

7) To provide readily available experiences for development of the seven (7) systems: Proprioceptive (body awareness), Vestibular (balance and motion in space), Tactile (touch), Auditory (sound), Visual (vision), Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste).

each campus location is individually and uniquely managed by its own Program Director, office manager, other management and teaching staff. For more information about us, click on a location below

Three Child Care Locations to Choose From -

NurtureSchool Child Care Center


2110 Grant Avenue

Jonesboro, AR


Look What I Can Do Learning Center


8531 Highway 49 North

Brookland, AR


Wild Roots Early Learning

Wild Roots

coming soon!!

West kingshighway

Paragould, AR