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Destini in Jonesboro, AR *****
We have loved this school, I have received loving and supportive staff interactions. My child has gained independence, confidence, and a group of trusted adults. Ms. Alex in the toddler room will forever hold a special place in our household. I could never express my gratitude for the car my child received when with her! The dedication of the staff and admin team to be hands on, informative, and focused on parental involvement.
Alexis in Jonesboro, AR *****
I loved this school, I sent Karter here without worrying about mistreatment. He had the best teacher and I loved how they kept me updated on everything regarding my son. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone in Jonesboro!
Kiara in Jonesboro, AR ****
My son has attended Nurture School since he was 6 weeks old!!! I remember being terrified and tearful the 1st day I dropped him off and had to return to work. They took such good care of him and me. Lol. He has grown so much since being here! Our experience here has been very positive. Wonderful staff who loves on my baby boy so much. They were so understanding about me coming to nurse him often which was really important to me. They are also less than 5 minutes from my job which made it helpful for popping in to see how he was doing. The only thing lacking was him not having a consistent homeroom teacher so he would have to get familiar with them and them familiar with him. Overall a great experience and will return if we decide to grow our family even more! :-)
Dana in JONESBORO, AR *****
What a great place to send your children! Such a welcoming and friendly environment for families.
Ali in Marked Tree, AR *****
I cannot express how much Nurture School has meant to our family over the past few years. The care exceeded all expectations, and the staff treated us all like family. They went above and beyond to make sure they were meeting our standards, and the communication was top notch. Nothing is more comforting than knowing the people who care for your children genuinely love them. Thank you all so much for being so welcoming to us over the years. We love you all!
Tiffany in Brookland, AR *****
I have to say when my son started at LWICD he was only 2 years old and was so behind, but all the love and care that the teachers have here at LWICD has helped him develop and meet all those milestones in no time. My son is now 5 years old and about to start kindergarten and I know without a doubt he is more than ready to succeed.
Heather in Brookland, AR *****
We love LWICD! The best teachers and staff around! They truly care and he was more than prepared to start school when the time came!
Lenny in Brookland, AR *****
On behalf of our family, we just want to make it known how great of a job that this school does! They are outstanding!! My grandson has been going here for almost two years and we trust the staff wholeheartedly.
Michelle in Paragould, AR *****
I love this place, so much that I applied here because of a few teachers and helpers show so much love for the children, and my children. I just wanted to be a part of it. Thank you for everything
Casey in Brookland, AR *****
I love how Mrs Tiffany and Mrs Maria and Makayla take care of "C". He goes out of his way to alway go back to see Mrs Maria!
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