Holistic Developmentt

Activity Experiences

Your child will be involved in developmentally appropriate activities through out the day. Children will enjoy the spacious classrooms filled with learning centers in which well qualified and knowledgeable staff provide personal attention during daily learning experiences. 

  • Morning Greeting
  • Language & Literacy Experiences in English & Spanish
  • ASL (Sign Language) for Infants & Toddlers
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Science & Math Experiences
  • Music & Movement
  • Nature & Multi-Cultural
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Physical Development activities
  • Basic Life Skills & Self-Care Skills
  • Special Helper "Jobs" - for older children
  • Campus Pets
  • Special Activity Classes for Pre-K

And much more....

At our nature-based, holistic school....

Your child WILL -

-Have real world experiences to learn through play-based inside and outside centers to work on all areas of development

-Have child-led interactions based on current interests

-Learn in nature through rain, mud, plants, gardens, animals and more!

-Challenge gross motor skills through games, and obstacle courses

-Learn math and measuring by basic cooking and counting how many scoops of an item fill a container 

-Learn gravity of what comes up and what goes down when water is splashed and bubbles are blown 

-Learn how to care for pets by assisting in feeding, charting pet growth, and handling animals (with parent approval)

-Learn by doing, exploring, being curious and be given communication to increase those natural instincts 

-Follow a nationally recognized curriculum to prepare for Kindergarten readiness

Curriculum & Educational Programs

We offer a multitude of varying holistic experiences with much of our learning being nature-based or outdoors. Our curriculum and resources are designated to tap into a child's true nature and create a joyful experience from the first moments of the day until it is time to say goodbye. Our programs are filled with songs, music, hands-on materials, chants, books, games, and make-believe designed to stimulate a child's imagination, helping make each day a wonderful one! All of the curriculum and programs are aimed at one thing: igniting the minds of young children by fostering their growth through purposeful lessons and materials that intentionally produce a positive outcome. Our comprehensive, research-based programs integrate instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. They are aligned with the Head Start School Readiness Goals to ensure that your child's learning opportunities are optimized. 


Throughout the day we practice on reaching, grasping, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking, cooing, giggling, and talking: which ever developmental stage your child happens to be in at the time. Infants and toddlers learn through play by music, dance, singing, rhymes, books, numbers, shapes, colors, the alphabet, stacking blocks, puppets, and many toys. We give each child individual attention. Whenever we have a free minute we talk with the children one-on-one, play hand games and make funny faces. We also give lots of positive attention when we are changing diapers and bottle-feeding. We teach children how to play independently and with their classmates. Every child has free time to choose what they want to play with, move around, and mingle with their classmates. The children will be involved in weekly sensory activities, book readings, art activities, etc. We begin ASL (sign language) with infants around 8-9 months old. Babies who sign often tend to learn to to speak earlier and have better language skills. Learning sign language can also help kids think more creatively and develop better problem solving skills. The combination of learning verbal and non-verbal communication can lead to understanding more vocabulary and longer sentences.

Around the time infants turn 1-year, a daily routine will be introduced as the children are eased into a single nap time and learn to sleep on cots/mats. They will begin developing their independent skills such as learning to use an open top cup, eating with utensils, and practicing table manners. The children will begin developing more fine and gross motor skills through planned activities. Our schedule is flexible and varies day to day based on each individual child’s needs and development according to their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.


Our Pre-School Prep continues with the curriculum components from before only adding additional lessons in oral language, concepts of print, comprehension, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge and writing. Time is geared towards learning ‘word to meaning’ and ‘picture to meaning.’ relationships Great focus is put into social emotional development and understanding of Conscious Discipline. We work on completing potty training, learn how to utilize centers and classroom rules.


 The program is a Year-Around high quality, researched-based curriculum which is rich in content and offers engaging experiences that promote measurable progress toward goals. It incorporates National Reading Panel foundation standards for early literacy success to ensure a strong foundation for reading skills: oral language, concepts of print, comprehension, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, Vocabulary and early writing skills as well as Conscious Discipline for social-emotional intelligence. Basic history is taught with the American Flag, Arkansas Flag, name of the current President, Vice President and Pledge of Allegiance. The program also incorporates STEM education, an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The children will also participate in Spanish class through out the year to give them cognitive flexibility and cultural awareness. Children enrolled in our PreK will have the advantage of additional Special Interest Classes.