Book a Tour with us and see for yourself why we are so passionate about our schools and the services we provide to the children in our community. With Better Beginnings Level 3 certifications, we have worked diligently toward high quality care. Policies for health and safety are stringent, and are developed through our years of experience and national standards. Our holistic learning environments, nature-infused programs and curriculum built on childrens' love of curiosity, exploring, experimenting and playfulness provide them with days full of fun and constant learning. Just how it should be!

To view information about how to apply for our waiting list, schedule a tour and inquire about enrollment, please read below.

Waiting List & Tour

After completing the waiting list application, we will call you to schedule a tour. We believe this is the best way to determine if our school is the best fit for your family. We want you to get a first hand experience of our normal operations, as we do expect visitors at any moment. During the tour, you will view our campus and review our school policies. You will have the opportunity to see many classrooms, ask questions and meet multiple administration and teaching staff. We have the hope that we are your first choice for child care while also understanding that each family has it's own specific and individualized needs. 

If your child can not attend the scheduled tour, parents are encouraged to schedule an enrollment visit with their child/children prior to the first day of attendance. We will use this visit as a time to discuss our program, meet your child’s teacher and answer questions..  For some families, a tour and enrollment visit will be completed in their first visit. 

Our waiting list application is available on the home page of this website.

Classroom Options

Sprouts are 0-18+ months with 1 adult and up to 5 children per classroom.

Branches are 18-36 months with 1 adult and up to 8 children per classroom.

Roots are children 3-5 years old and who are potty trained. These classrooms have 1 adult and up to 12 children.

*Children 18-24 months are placed in the classroom most developmentally appropriate whether Sprouts or Branches.

*We always have additional staff support for classrooms.

Drop-In (Parent's Day Out)

We offer availability of drop-in care for those random days when you need it! Do you need a child-free day to run errands, wrap gifts, clean house, or need a "me" day? Did your employer call you in last minute? Do you have a varying work schedule?  This is a perfect solution for you. Drop-In care is a pre-paid service and is non-refundable once booked.

Drop-In Care is available Monday through Friday during our normal business hours. Call or message to check availability!

Tuition Pricing & Enrollment Options

Families enrolled have the convenience of processing tuition payments online on an automated draft via checking account or credit card. It's an easy one-time setup and you're done!

Private Pay Options include - 

Drop-In Care $44 per day (based on availability, booked ahead of time)

Part-Time Care (choose 1-4 set days of your choice) - $200 one-time security fee, $44 per day

Full-time Care $200 one-time security fee, $200 per week

Full-time Care Monthly draft - $200 one-time security fee, $866.67 monthly


ACH - .06% with a minimum fee of .25 cents and a maximum of $2 per transaction

Debit / Credit Card - 2.95% per transaction 

Cash - Make cash payment on Friday for the following week to prevent electronic processing fees

Check - We do not accept payment via checks.

Subsidy Pay Options include-

Full-Time DHS Traditional Vouchers or Career Pathways - $0 one-time security fee, $0 tuition per week (with proof of Certificate of Authorization from DHS)

Full-Time DHS Foster Vouchers - $0 security fee, $0 tuition per week (with proof of Certificate of Authorization from DHS)

(We do not accept subsidy assistance for part-time nor drop-in care.)

Childcare is often not a luxury, but a necessity for many families. And we understand that sometimes it can be expensive. Therefore we welcome and accept children from families that receive various forms of assistance. We help families with access to applications in hopes approval of State subsidies for childcare costs, and often they get a chance of attending our school absolutely free of charge. Of course those families are held to the same high standards that everyone has come to expect, with a little added bonus of lessening the financial burden on the family.

Daily Parent Communication, both Digitally and the Old Fashioned Way.

Parent communication is very important to us. We have a digital parent communication app, where parents can sign their kids in and out, get updates on upcoming events, receive pictures and videos of their child, and also message with the Director and the Teacher in order to stay current on child’s behavior and learning progress. Parents are welcome to communicate with staff to get the most current updates on their child’s progress of the day, but even if they choose not to, because of their busy lives, our staff will send little friendly reminders with pictures, videos, and other daily updates. We also frequently send newsletters with what is happening in our schools and the world of early childhood education and development. Of course we still embrace the “traditional” method of communication, face-to-face, by appointment, or at pick up and drop off.

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