Our company offers plentiful employment opportunities at our growing child care centers. We offer multiple campus location options! We care for children from newborn through 5 years in our various age based programs while following stringent quality measures to ensure we offer top quality child care and education to the children in our care. 

The quality of the program is due to the quality of the staff. It is vital to attract staff that is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of early childhood. Each classroom is staffed with one full-time teacher. Additional part-time staff float between rooms to offer additional support or coverage where needed. All staff must have some level of experience with young children and demonstrate a genuine interest in children.

Tolerance and understanding are fostered by positive exposure to various ages, genders, lifestyles, family structures, races, cultures, religions, and physical abilities. Therefore, we emphasize an environment that welcomes diversity and challenges bias and discrimination.

Upon application, a short interview will be held via phone. Those of interest will be asked to schedule a second interview on-site with more detailed experiences allowing you to get to know us while we get to know you. This will involve an in-person interview by a member of our team as well as a peer interview. Following these interviews, reference inquiry is completed.

Upon hire, we complete initial and on-going state and federal regulatory checks to ensure a safe background. 

Each staff member is required to complete at least 30 hours of continuing education in child development or special education upon hire, and each following year. We will assist you in registering for learning opportunities as they become available. This requirement exceeds what state licensing regulations require and is crucial in maintaining qualified teachers for the ongoing success of our program. 

All staff complete certification in Infant/Child/Adult CPR/First Aid/AED/Epipen/Universal Precautions upon hire and upon each expiration. CPR courses are taught on-campus by a member of our administration. 

New staff will undergo a one to two week training with our Management Team & senior teachers prior to being left alone in a classroom. We ensure that each staff member feels comfortable in his/her surrounding and has proper training to have all skills to be successful in this job. All staff begin with a 90-day probationary period while continuing training and receives performance evaluations. 

For those wishing to extend their education, we support our staff in endless continuing education opportunities both online and in-class. We participate with state-education scholarships and grants. In addition, our company offers a CDA (Child Development Associate) Education Program for either Infant/Toddler or PreSchool. We feel we offer a career opportunity with a caring, fun & energetic atmosphere! Team work and a positive attitude are of highest priority when adding new staff.

To Apply: Click the below Employment Application and complete it online. If you need assistance with the application, visit our Main Office at any location. The same application is used for all of our campus options.

Resume may be emailed to forms@sharpchildcare.net.

Upcoming Positions

Full-Time Lead Teaching positions must be available to work Monday through Friday. The expectation is to be comfortable working alone in a classroom with children in the range of 0-3 years, teach a hands-on curriculum and provide exceptional care with a nurturing quality.

Part-Time staff with availability of a 4-6 hours daily work and at least two days a week. This is perfect for college students, retirees or mothers who can only work during public school hours.

Part-Time Granny's- We hire Granny’s and Retirees! We have a flexible schedule for you and open availability to come assist us with extra hands in the classrooms, laundry, greeting clients and more!

Substitute staff available to work on a varying basis.. These positions will assist as needed in multiple classrooms. Good people skills & being a fast learner are a must.

***For all employment positions the minimal educational background should be a High School Diploma or GED. Higher educational achievements are preferred but not required. All applicants must be able to pass state and federal background checks.

***Highly Experienced? Our pay scale gets more competitive with more experience and higher levels of education.

Benefits of Working with Us!

1) A Team Work Environment

2) Company provided Staff Appreciation Days

3) Company contributed Health, Dental and Vision insurance

4) Paid Professional Development opportunities are endless

5) Happy Birthday gift annually

6) Happy Anniversary gift annually, more years, the better the gift!

7) Snack, coffee and water bottle bar for staff

8) 18 paid holidays after 12-months employment

9) Teacher break room with all the amenities

10) Teacher Resource Room filled with supplies for arts & crafts

11) Star Teacher each month with recognition across campus + gift

12) CDA Education Program for career advancement

13) Participant in the TEACH Scholarship Program for college degree advancement

14) Team Leadership Opportunities

15) Paid Staff Meetings with no-cost child care provided 

16) PTO accrual after 3-years of employment

17) Unlimited Referral Bonus (new employees or new clients)

18) Staff receive FREE child care / Skip the Waiting List for enrollment

19) Wage Increases based on years of documented (referenced) experience, educational level and performance.

20) Hourly pay increases offered for years of experience & educational level

Wage Increase and Performance Evaluation

The Company generally conducts performance evaluations three times in the first year of employment including a 90- day evaluation after employment begins, 6-months and again upon 1-year of completion. Additional performance evaluations will be completed annually on the anniversary month of hire. Please feel free, however, to discuss your performance with your supervisor(s) at any time throughout the year.

Employees will be eligible for wage increases based on performance over a 12-month period of employment. Employees will be eligible for a wage increase prior to 12-months of employment if a promotion of status has been accepted or a new level of education has been achieved.

Wage increases may be given upon request and at the discretion of the Company. Considerations are made for years of documented experience, length of employment, performance, attendance, education level, professional development total hours, team work and the absence or presence of verbal and written reprimand. These factors are evaluated annually, at minimum.

For each performance evaluation , employees will be asked to complete a self-evaluation. Parent surveys and co-worker evaluations will be conducted.

In order to be considered for a wage increase, annual professional development requirements and certification in CPR/First Aid are required to be completed and not expired..

Staff who have completed a new education level including CDA, AA, BA or MA will be considered for a wage increase with proof of the education being completed.