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Jeremy in Jonesboro, AR *****
The lead teacher and early morning staff are very caring and loving … they seem to always have the children’s well being at the front of their mind.
Brittany in Paragould, AR *****
They are such a loving facility. My girls love going to school everyday.
Ma in Jonesboro, AR *****
We have been at LWICD since my first daughter was 6 weeks old. She graduated at LWICD this year and my second has been here just as long and will graduate in another year. We have loved watching them grow, learn, be loved and be comfortable at every step of her development! Hands down, we have loved this center!
Ashley in Jonesboro, AR *****
I love how my babies teachers care for her. Watching their relationship is a beautiful thing! The director is always prompt accommodating and caring.
Claudia in Paragould, AR *****
I love this daycare and the crew that runs it. I’m never concerned about the health and safety of my child. My daughter loves all of her teachers and friends.
Samantha in Brookland, AR *****
My child LOVES his teacher. He talks about her even on weekends away from school settings. All the teachers greet my son of the mornings and that makes me, as a mom, feel safe in the fact that my child is known and cared for by every staff member. The facility is secure and always clean and as organized as a place can be that is ravaged by toddlers everyday!! I receive at least 10 updates on my child outside of potty notification’s that involve pictures, videos, observations, notes, etc…Which helps me to stay up to date on any milestones he is hitting, and even a glimpse into his classroom behavior. They give timely warnings for when extra supply is needed, and take the time to give you a run down of my child’s day at school during pickup. I, as my sons mother, have been made to provide identification to prove who I was when picking him up from a new staff member. This might annoy some people, but to me, it made me feel like my son was safe and that they take every precaution possible in regards to my sons safety. I cannot say enough good things about this place!
Hunter in Brookland, AR *****
Mrs. Liz has really made a great impression on my child! He looks forward to seeing her every day and always asks “where’s Liz??” if he doesn’t see her when he gets there! She is great and so is the rest of the staff!
Dion in Jonesboro, AR *****
We love LWICD! I love that the kids learn through playing. The staff is wonderful. Whenever a problem occurs it is quickly resolved and I have never felt uncomfortable with the resolution!
Samantha in Jonesboro, AR *****
My child and I have really had a wonderful experience at this school. We are impressed with the school grounds and with the staff, to say the least! My child recently has needed extra attention for development and the staff and the management have been upfront in communication on ways to help. They offer screenings to all children to track development, encourage therapy services when needed, hold meetings to discuss children's development and work closely with us as a family so we know exactly what is going on. My child is getting the help that is needed and we know with this school they will always steer us in the right path for what is the best for my child and for others. We love that we know they have the very best interests for every child, even when some children need a little extra to help them along. We are very thankful for LWICD!
Sarah in Paragould, AR *****
I have waited for what feels like a really long time to leave this review. My husband and I came across LWICD a few years ago as we were becoming foster parents. We quickly came to realize there aren’t many daycare centers who are certified to provide care for foster children. To be certified to provide care for children in foster care, the daycare must achieve a certain Better Beginnings status for its overall quality of care. I had no idea this was a “thing” until we approached the time of needing to find a place for the little we welcomed into our home. LWICD was on the list of places and was also recommended to us from several co-workers and friends. We did tour several places, both for foster care but also to hopefully have our own child one day. Ultimately, we chose LWICD!! We have now had several children attend this school and each time, its staff welcome the new child in with open arms!! They have been exceptional to work with, always prioritizing foster children who need quick placement in daycare in order to also have quick placement in our home. We have had the pleasure of getting to have different children come into our home and also the pleasure to get to experience several different classrooms, teachers and in each building. Every single one has been amazing!! From the well explained tour, to the policies, the availability to make contact quickly, the cleanliness, the apparent enjoyment the staff have with their job, and the quality of the care received, we are simply very impressed! We aren’t sure when the day will come for us to adopt our own children but when it happens for us, we 1000% percent know that LWICD is the only consideration we will have!
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