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Dacia in Jonesboro, AR *****
We have been going to Nurture School for about a year and a half, and have never been dissatisfied or had any concerns. We love the natural aspect of learning which includes lots of outdoor play, and we loved being part of the butterfly stages. Our son came home daily and was so excited about it!
Misty in Jonesboro, AR *****
We love nurture school!! Thank you for welcoming us with open arms into your family :)
Misty in Jonesboro, AR *****
Good daycare! My child's teacher is so nice and caring. Always in a good mood which is needed especially when working in a daycare setting.
Brone in Jonesboro, AR *****
My son has bilateral hearing loss and they've been super helpful in accommodating to his needs regarding his hearing aids. The staff is extremely friendly and kind. I definitely feel a sense of relief knowing that my child isn't safe hands.
Destinee in Jonesboro, AR *****
We are new to the Nurture School family. Our son is 3 months old and hasn’t been in any daycare so I was kind of unsure of what to expect. He is a cuddle baby, some say spoiled. But his teacher says he doesn’t cry much. Had one fussy day this week but that’s it. He doesn’t like the boppy pillow at home but the picture I see of him at the school shows him very content while on it. That makes me feel so much more at ease. I love the app by the way. I believe we are gonna love it here
Hannah in Jonesboro, AR *****
The nurture school has made the transition back to work so helpful! I know he is taken care of and cared for while I am away. The daily communication and updates allow me to feel connected to my baby! The teachers and staff are kind, compassionate and helpful. We have loved our experience at the Nurture School.
Autumn in Jonesboro, AR *****
All of the girls love M and are also so excited to see her sassy self. Give me a sense of reassurance that my girl is being taken care of throughout the day.
Nicole in Jonesboro, AR *****
I love how the staff keep you informed about your child’s day through the Brightwheel app. Their positivity just flows through the children! I would choose NurtureSchool again without a doubt!
Alison in Jonesboro, AR *****
I fell in love with the welcoming environment that NurtureSchool has. I LOVE the holistic approach this school practices, and the warm and friendly staff members. Thank you NurtureSchool!!
Jamie in Bono, AR *****
We love Nurture School! Knox is excited to go and hang out with his friends and teachers. All of the staff always makes us all feel welcomed. The activities that they do with our kids are super fun and he comes home doing the things he learned in school like different dances.
These ladies that work there are more than just people who work there. They genuinely care, offer love and support and always have the best attitudes
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